“Thank you so very much for playing for us again at our spring concert.  It is always such a pleasure to hear you play with such style and accuracy.  You not only have a true gift for performance, but also for accompanying a vocal choir.  That takes a special skill that many solo pianists do not have. We appreciate the time and effort you give us.  Your playing brings out the very best in us. I appreciate your enthusiasm and musical abilities.”

Jane Anton – 2015
Former Piano Major and Graduate in Music Education (Ohio State University)
Public School Music Teacher (Ohio)

“Charlotte accompanied me by playing the piano for both my Grades 6 & 7 violin competitions. She did a wonderful job; she knows how to perform as well as accompany with the piano. While accompanying, the most important skill is being able to adapt quickly. I had a memory lapse during one of the competitions, forgetting a portion of the piece. I didn’t pause, but quickly moved on to the next part in the piece that I remembered. Charlotte had the music in front of her at the piano and joined right where I had picked up again — she never stopped playing. The adjudicator later commended her not only for her piano skills but also for her knowledge of accompanying. One of the roles of an accompanist is to make the performer(s) look and sound their best. Charlotte not only has wonderful piano skills but also a broad history of performance experience to aid her in helping you.”

Derek – 2010

“Charlotte accompanied our choir for an Easter presentation. Her skill as an accompanist, and the ease with which she was able to accommodate the needs of the choir made it a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend her!”

Anne – 2010
Church Choir Director

“Charlotte came well prepared and offered us helpful suggestions as we made final decisions for the ceremony. She gracefully played a variety of styles, and made smooth transitions. Her fees were also quite reasonable! We knew we could trust her with this very ‘key’ part of our big day. 🙂 ”

Julianne & Christopher
Wedding – October 2011