Teaching Philosophy

“It is my goal to teach my students how to play the piano; however, in doing this, I desire to build a relationship with each student and help him/her grow to love and appreciate music in hopes that this appreciation will lead to a lifelong fascination with music. I hope that each student will enjoy the time they have devoted to taking lessons and being educated musically and will go away having learned something that will always be remembered. For me, teaching students is exciting and very rewarding. It improves my own learning and performing as I prepare and present lessons in different ways.

“Students are the center of my lesson planning process. I want my students to look forward to both attending lessons and practicing so I adapt my teaching style to each individual student’s learning style (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic), interests and goals. I desire to make lessons understandable for each student. I guide students through challenges of learning new skills and I encourage them to ask questions. I will do my best to answer their questions thoroughly, and if I’m unsure of the answer, I will do my research and it will be discussed at a following lesson. I strive to improve each lesson on a week-to-week basis, and I focus on how I can better engage and inspire my students. I do not look for future world-renowned pianists among my students, but consider each student an individual star of my studio.

“I offer private piano lessons for beginners to early advanced level students, ages 4 to adult. I actively teach theory, technique, sight reading, improvisation, vocalization, aural skills and history and I consider each of these to be a necessary part of learning the piano. I teach with an emphasis on classical repertoire but am always aware of the student’s interests and seek to include them in my lesson planning. I desire to create an atmosphere that encourages creativity, self-expression, diligence and perseverance.”

– Charlotte Hughes