What People Are Saying…

“My daughter is loving the lessons. She started playing the recorder at school and sees the benefit of piano already! Thank you!”

Kristine – Parent of Student, Age 9

“Charlotte does a great job at teaching. You can tell she loves her job and loves music!”

Amy – Student, Age 20

“What a great year! Charlotte’s teaching, variety, organization and communication has exceeded our expectations. Her professional, creative and enthusiastic approach to piano lessons has given our children a wonderful introduction to music. Thank you, Charlotte, for providing such quality training to our kids!”

Diane – Parent of Twin Students, Age 7

“Charlotte does a great job teaching and you can tell she loves her job.”

Mariella – Student, Age 9

“Thanks Charlotte for all you’re doing with my daughter. You’re a great teacher!”

Krista – Parent of Student, Age 12

“You are a very good piano teacher. You do very well with my daughter. Thank you!”

Tamara – Parent of Student, Age 9

“Charlotte — truly you are the best music teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for all you’ve done, all you’ve taught me and your patience with me! I’m actually ENJOYING the piano!”

Tricia – Student, Age 40

“She is a very good teacher.”

Liam – Student, Age 7

“My husband and I really appreciate all that you’re doing for our children. They all do well to take their times of practicing without me saying too much. We feel that they all enjoy what they’re doing.”

Carolyn – Parent of Students, Ages 12, 13 & 14

“My girls have enjoyed their piano lessons so much. My oldest was hesitant about taking lessons this summer, but she has loved each lesson. They both look forward to their lessons and you have helped them love music and enjoy playing the piano.”

Claudia – Parent of Students, Ages 9 & 13

“She’s wonderful and teached me piano.”

Daniel – Student, Age 8